PSQIPittsburg Sleep Quality Index
PSQIPhilippine Society for Quality, Inc. (est. 1969)
PSQIPittsburgh Sleep Quality Interview (Pittsburgh, PA)
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PSQI: The PSQI assesses the sleep quality within the last one month with 19 questions.
For sleep quality, Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) was used.17 A score of 0-4 was for good sleepers while a score of 5 or above denoted poor or inadequate sleep.
In PSQI, global score <5 indicates a good sleep quality, and a score =5 considered poor sleep quality (9,10).
The outcome variables were PSQI total scores, and the demographic variables were age and sex.
Correlations among the SDS, SAS, and PSQI scores were assessed using Pearson's correlation coefficient.
Thus, in our study, we did a subjective analysis of sleep quality using PSQI and ISI which is still considered to be gold standard testing.
Patients completed the SQS and PSQI at baseline, week 1, and week 8.
Each item is rated on a 0-3 scale, and component scores are summarized to create a total PSQI score with a range of 0-21, with higher scores indicating poor sleep quality.
Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI): PSQI is a scale developed by Buysse et al.