PSQIAPatient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005
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397, 397 (2010) (discussing the PSQIA and its potential effects on patient safety).
Even though the PSQIA was passed in 2005, the Department of Health and Human Services did not issue the PSQIA until December 2008.
Shortly before signing the PSQIA into law, President George W.
The PSQIA encouraged providers to discuss patient safety experiences through a series of legal protections.
In addition to the inconsistency, the PSQIA did not establish what type of events should be reported.
on empirical evidence) when it passed both the HCQIA and the PSQIA.
became effective in 2009, (104) so, basically, the PSQIA has been around
Instead, the PSQIA calls for establishing "Patient Safety
Under the PSQIA, the medical error information is termed
system, the PSQIA establishes a broad privilege protecting PSWP.
By disregarding the purpose of the PSQIA, and by misconstruing the privilege it creates, the Court undermines Kentucky's healthcare providers full participation in the patient safety' system and to that extent, at least, both frustrates Congress's intent and denies Kentuckians the benefits of PSQIA's approach to healthcare safety.
AHRQ lists patient safety organizations pursuant to section 924 of PSQIA and has responsibility for common formats and network of patient safety databases pursuant to section 923.