PSR1Phosphorus Starvation Response 1 (protein)
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The high yielding Koshihikari, the outcome of this research, will be equipped with the high regeneration ability of the PSR1 gene.
Premise (C1) is a corollary of PSR1, since it states that every being's existence has an explanation, either in its own nature or in the causal activity of other things.
You, the teacher, explain the operative concepts of "dependent being" and "self-existent being," you introduce PSR1 and PSR2, and you present the argument as sketched above, praising it for the reasons already cited.
Chicken."(21) It is worth nothing that, if all explanation via appeal to things (i.e., substances or particulars) gives way to explanation via appeal to facts, then, in the context of Clarke's argument, explanations of the existence of beings via appeal to the causal activity of things would give way to explanation via appeal to facts about those things, and PSR2 would subsume PSR1.(22)