PSRAMPseudo Static Ram
PSRAMPseudo-Static Random Access Memory
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Under the terms of the agreement ESMT is to acquire Cypress' Pseudo Static Random Access Memory (PSRAM) product line.
"Our customers have found that combining Atmel's state of the art Flash designs with leading edge PSRAM designs leads to new levels of system performance.
We believe it will make a significant contribution to ST's aim of increasing its penetration of the 3V mobile communication market, in addition to the possibility of creating stacked solutions together with SRAM and/or PSRAM memories in a single package," said Giuseppe Crisenza, vice president of ST's Memory Product Group.
The GW2A family is also the first FPGA with embedded pSRAM in the industry, which gives customers more usable device I/O.
At its core, the MT2621 is powered by an efficient Armv7 MCU paired with internal Flash and PSRAM. The chipset supports sight and sound interfaces for peripherals, and comes with built-in Bluetooth 4.2 for connecting to other devices nearby.
Specifications include the PowerPC Book E core up to 1 GHz, 333 MHz communications processor module with integrated Ethernet controller, ATM support, an [I.sup.2]C controller, PCIe interconnect, 256 MB SDRAM, 16 MB PSRAM, 8 MB NOR boot flash (for redundant 4 MB devices), 1 GB NAND flash (for non-volatile RAM and true Flash file system storage) and 512 KB socketed flash.
The SC6531 integrates the baseband, RF transceiver, power management unit, pSRAM, high quality audio PA, touch screen controller and triple-SIM controller into a single-chip solution that reduces design complexity and design time, and provides more flexibility with board layout by further reducing board space.
With code storage (NOR), data storage (NAND) and system RAM (PSRAM) functions all on a single PSRAM bus, the SST88VP1107 is suited for applications that need high-density memory and high reliability.
In general, the price per bit of NOR is also less than SRAM and PSRAM, though it may be somewhat higher than that of LP SDRAM.
A good example of these innovative products is the so-called IT-based (one transistor) pseudo SRAM (PSRAM).