PSRECPlumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (California and Nevada)
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PSREC was a pioneer in developing one of the first successful geothermal heat pump programs in California.
PSREC became part of an innovative solution to this cost challenge in 1993, when it launched a lease program.
According to PSREC General Manager Bob Marshall, the co-op has to date installed 450 such systems.
PSREC is also investing in solar projects and is currently assessing bids to build a 100-kilowatt community solar farm.
If the propane companies aggressively go after market growth, they could pose a serious threat to PSREC's water heating sales.
PSREC currently has a strong competitive advantage over propane as 58% of the membership rates electricity with the best service verses 10% giving this recognition to the propane industry.
At existing PSREC rates ($0.065/Kwh) and at $1.00/gallon for propane (which is slightly lower than average), propane and electricity have nearly identical operating costs if a super efficient electric water heater is compared against a standard propane water heater.
When PSREC used geothermal heat pumps to re-enter the home heating and water heating market two years ago, the propane industry was quick to respond.