PSRFPublic Service Research Foundation (Vienna, VA)
PSRFPenn State Research Foundation (Pennsylvania State University; University Park, PA)
PSRFPelagic Shark Research Foundation (Santa Cruz, CA)
PSRFPuget Sound Restoration Fund (Bainbridge Island, WA)
PSRFPotential Scale Reduction Factor (Markov Chain Monte Carlo diagnostic)
PSRFPinedale Seismic Research Facility
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Moreover, all PSRF values of the different parameters were limited to 1, which demonstrated good convergence and efficiency.
Abbreviations SBP: Systolic blood pressure DBP: Diastolic blood pressure RCTs: Randomized controlled trials MD: Mean difference CI: Confidence interval ADDIS: Aggregate data drug information system MCMC: Markov Chain Monte Carlo PSRF: The potential scale reduction factor.
Clearly established institutional channels do not exist for it to reach out to MINFOF and the various agencies within the Ministry of Finance that are the repositories of original data and information (PSRF 2014).
The standard errors for the estimated 2ln(Bayes factors); were all less than 1.0 and the PSRF values were all less than 1.5 indicating that the three chains were consistent with each other and covered the posterior distribution.
Values of the 97.5% quantiles of the PSRF estimates were equal to or below 1.05 for both Fox and Schaefer models; hence we assumed the models converged.
2005); (2) potential brood stock was discovered in nearby Samish Bay, making seed production with North Sound genetic stock possible; (3) the MRC and Puget Sound Restoration Fund (PSRF) agreed to collaborate on a Olympia oyster rebuilding project in Fidalgo Bay; (4) suitable substrate and conditions exist in South Fidalgo Bay; and (5) the City of Anacortes authorized the project on city-owned tidelands under an old railway trestle.
Total Nutraceutical Solutions, Spartanburg, SC, has acquired an option to license an invention entitled "Rapid Generation of Vitamin D2 from Mushrooms and Fungi Using Pulsed UV-light" from The Penn State Research Foundation (PSRF).