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When Shakhmatov prepared the Hypatian Codex (which includes the Povest' vremennykh let [The Tale of Bygone Years, hereafter PVL], the Kievan Chronicle, and the Galician-Volynian Chronicle) in 1908 for the second edition of volume 2 of PSRL, he used the Hypatian manuscript as his copy text (replicating many of its morphologic and paleographic features) and provided variant readings in a consistent and systematic way from the other significant copies--in that case, the Khlebnikov and Pogodin copies.
Nikitin uses the published versions of these texts, the Hypatian from Shakhmatov's 1908 edition (in PSRL, vol.
Certainly it is more convenient to use than the equivalent three volumes of PSRL or the three-volume interlinear collation that it was my privilege to compile and edit for the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute (HURI 2003).
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