PSRWPublic Service Recognition Week
PSRWPolitical Science Research Workshop
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--This assumes that is crucial to consider the PSRW from a new conception of work conditions and environment (WCE) (Neffa, 1989).
It is important to highlight that our research project focuses on the perceptions of PSRW, which means that we consider essential the particular point of view of any situation and subject, taking into account the informative and cognitive characteristics but also the evaluative and attitudinal ones.
Commensurate with Dejours (1992), so as to employees adapt and resilient to PSRW, have to reinterpret and reconstruct the instructions given by the superiors, partners, clients and users.
Nowadays the PSRW have become a transversal issue in very different organization's agendas.
--Semi-structured interviews and In-depth interviews: With the objective to interview workers and few key informants and focusing on their perceptions of PSRW, its relation with health and their strategies.
Because our focus was on an economically active population receiving wages for formal work and therefore possibly exposed to PSRW, the members of the armed forces and the police, domestic workers, self-employed workers, and non-remunerated family members were excluded.
The survey included two scales for evaluating exposure to PSRW: Karasek's Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ) in its Canadian version, (23) and the short version in Spanish of Siegrist's (24) ERI test.
We analyzed the prevalences and the differences in exposure to PSRW and HAC according to sex by Chi-square ([chi square]).
In relation to the prevalence of exposure to PSRW according to Karasek's demand-control model and Siegrist's effort-reward imbalance model, we found that 35% of the sample reported low decision latitude, 47% faced high psychological demands and 35% experienced low social support.
Finally, using multiple logistic regression, we analyzed the associations between exposure to PSRW and HAC results.
Highlights of the PSRW Mall Event included the following:
The Public Employees Roundtable at the Council for Excellence in Government and the Department of Defense sponsor the PSRW. For more information, go to