PSSCSPrivate Sector Stock Condition Surveys
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This circumstance leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the PSSC with VFD, which must be taken into account when justifying the payback period of the electric drive system.
Subsequently, ECM protein-derived signaling effects on the transcriptional regulation of SSC-specific genes were analyzed in unstimulated pSSCs or those stimulated with laminin or collagen IV.
In this study, the culture of pSSCs on laminin-coated Petri dishes did not induce any significant decrease in AP activity by day 3 of culture or the transcription of SSC-specific genes throughout the entire culture duration (5 days), whereas collagen IV-derived signaling showed maintenance in AP activity and SSC-specific gene transcription by day 1 of culture.
As shown in Figure 1, GDNF-mESCCM showed stronger maintenance of pSSC undifferentiation on the Petri dishes coated without any ECM proteins than pSSCCM, indicating that, under extracellular signal-free niche, physico-chemical and physiological niche of GDNF-mESCCM are appropriate further for maintaining undifferentiation of pSSCs.
Porcine SSCs cultured on laminin-coated Petri dishes showed a similar tendency in the maintenance of AP activity as those on uncoated Petri dishes (Figure 2) and no significant down-regulation of any S SC-specific gene transcription, regardless of culture period, compared to pSSCs isolated from the testis with no in vitro culturing (Figure 3).
However, the exposure of collagen IV-derived signaling to pSSCs caused a marked decrease in AP activity and significant down-regulation of SSC-specific gene transcription (Figure 2, 3, and 4).
Influence of different ECM protein-derived signals on pSSC AP activity