PSSDProcess Unstructured Supplementary Services Data
PSSDParry Sound Snowmobile District (Canada)
PSSDPressure Specified Sensory Device (neurosensory testing)
PSSDPhilippine Strategy for Sustainable Development
PSSDPost SSRI Sexual Dysfunction
PSSDProduction Section Scheduling Designator (US DoD)
PSSDPublic Sector Salary Disclosure (Ontario Ministry of Finance)
PSSDPseudo Spectral Spatial Domain (method)
PSSDPosition Sensitive Silicon Detector
PSSDProvinciale Secundaire School Diepenbeek
PSSDPacket Service Systems Development
PSSDPotential Significant Safety Discrepancies
PSSDPhysical Security Systems Directorate
PSSDPrivate Schools for Students with Disabilities
PSSDProduct Service Systems Design
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(5) Recent studies have indicated that stroke survivors commonly experience poststroke sleep disorders (PSSDs) that may lead to various adverse outcomes.
"To secure gold standard at all is a considerable achievement for PSSD," said John.
Thus, in this study, we hypothesised that the PSSD could demonstrate sensory improvement after ND, and that PROs for strength, pain, disability, and QoL would improve after ND done at multiple sites of compression in both the upper and the lower extremities.
Entretanto, os valores de PSSD indicaram a existencia de uma grande variabilidade no tamanho destes, em todas as sub-bacias, com fragmentos muito acima do tamanho medio e variando de 148 ha (Rio Riachao) a 2.308 ha (Baixo Curso).
Some cases were identified where sexual dysfunction persisted even after the discontinuation of antidepressant treatment, with predilection in SSRI treatment (PSSD --Post SSRI sexual dysfunction).
Salaries of these employees are then obtained from the disclosure data, more formally the Public Sector Salary Disclosure (PSSD) data published by the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Ontario.
A spokesman said: "We issued 20,000 conversion table books to our customers, who seem quite happy with the changeover, and there is an automatic till in the food section which will give decimal change for PSsd."
Some examples of GIS-based models used as PSS are: A "What-if system" (Klosterman 1999), the Planning System for Sustainable Development (PSSD) (Hansen 2001), the System for Planning and Research in Towns and Cities for Urban Sustainability (SPARTACUS) (Lautso 2002), and the Population and Land Use Model (PLUM) (WhatIf?
IEDES kits contain lots of parts, and all of them should be handled carefully Use extreme caution when handling the Pyrotechnic Scalable Signature Device (PSSD).
SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK), a provider of flash memory cards, reported on Wednesday that ASUS has chosen its 32 GB and 64 GB SanDisk P4 modular solid state drives (pSSD) for its new Eee Slate EP121 tablet computers, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show.
SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK), a provider of flash memory cards, said yesterday that ASUS has chosen its 32 GB and 64 GB SanDisk P4 modular solid state drives (pSSD).
(11) Salida Sol solsticio diciembre (SSSD), Puesta Sol solsticio diciembre (PSSD), Salida Sol solsticio junio (SSSJ), Puesta Sol solsticio junio (PSSJ), Salida Sol equinoccio (SSEQ), Puesta Sol equinoccio (PSEQ), Salida Luna extrema norte (SLEN), Puesta Luna extrema norte (PLEN), Salida Luna extrema sur (SLES), Puesta Luna extrema sur (PLES), Salida Alfa Centauro (SAC), Puesta Alfa Centauro (PAC).