PSSEPowiatowa Stacja Sanitarno-Epidemiologiczna (Polish: Regional Sanitary-Epidemiological Station)
PSSEPower System State Estimation (electronics)
PSSEPomorskiej Specjalnej Strefy Ekonomicznej (Polish: Pomeranian Special Economic Zone; est. 2001; Poland)
PSSEPomorska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna (Polish: Pomeranian Special Economic Zone)
PSSEPower System Simulator for Engineering (Siemens)
PSSEPhysical Separation in Science and Engineering (journal; Hindawi Publishing Corporation; Egypt and New York)
PSSEParallel Supercomputer Simulations for Education
PSSEParlamentarne Skupstine Saveta Evrope (Serbian: Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe)
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The waveforms are analyzed through PSSPLT program of PSSE.
Correlations of these scales with the PSSE were r = .
Split half reliability was calculated through the administration of Urdu version of PSSE on 337 adolescent.
Linguistic equivalence of Perceived Social Self-Efficacy scale: After the translation of PSSE, linguistic equivalence of translated version was examined to find out the cross-cultural equivalence between original version and adapted version.
Table 3: Item-Total Correlation of Urdu version of PSSE
Test retest reliability: The test-retest reliability of Urdu version of PSSE which is .
The PSSE standard dynamic library contains this type of PSS models (see Fig.
Lutycka) at the intersection of the extended inlet; d) by municipal - by a sub zone areas he saw PSSE and future KD-L4 to the junction-type small roundabout; e) designing the municipal road (ul.