PSSMParallel Split Shadow Maps
PSSMPyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (India)
PSSMPrinciples and Standards for School Mathematics
PSSMPosition Specific Scoring Matrix (Protein/DNA sequence comparison)
PSSMPolysaccharide Storage Myopathy
PSSMPretty Soldier Sailor Moon
PSSMPanasonic System Solutions Marketing Co., Ltd. (Japan)
PSSMPacket Switch Service Module
PSSMPsychological State of Stress Measure
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However they did not define meta-models that capture Platform Specific Simulation Models (PSSM); in fact these are considered as implementations of PISM models.
Agnes Remulla, president of the PSSM, and sleep doctor, eyes, nose and throat at the Asian Medical Hospital, said globalization has made a big impact on the sleeping patterns of the majority of Filipinos.
Led by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (PSSM) was first copyrighted in 2000 and offered its fifth printing in 2008,
SB was assessed using the PSSM Scale (Goodenow, 1993), an 18-item scale developed for use with early adolescents.
Il s'agit du PSSM (Psychological Sense of School Membership) (Goodenow, 1993b), du QES (Questionnaire sur l'environnement socioeducatif) (Janosz, Bouthillier, Bowen, Chouinard et Desbiens, 2007) et du PALS (Patterns of Adaptative Learning Survey) (Midgley et al., 2000).
Our method uses monogram and bigram features derived from the HMM profile which shows effectiveness compared to the PSSM or sequence based features.
During this session, students were administered the PSSM questionnaire.
Los alumnos completaron la Escala de clima social familiar (FES), el Cuestionario de comunicacion familiar (CA-M/CA-P), la Percepcion psicologica de integracion escolar (PSSM) y el Cuestionario de acoso escolar (CAME).
The sources of data used to generate the features from the original sequence include the protein sequence, the position-specific scoring matrix (PSsM) generated by PSI-bLaST [14], the secondary structure predicted by PSI-Pred [15], the solvent accessible surface area (ASA) values predicted using Real-SPINE [16], and the relative solvent accessibility (RSA) defined as the ratio of ASA of a residue observed in its three-dimensional structure to that observed in an extended (Gly-X-Gly or AlaX-Ala) tripeptide conformation [17].
DELTA-BLAST performs CD-search to construct a position-specific score matrix (PSSM) and then searches a sequence database using the PSSM [12].
The National Science Education Standards (NSES, 1996) and the Principles and Standards of School Mathematics (PSSM, 2000) both highly support the integration of mathematics within science and state that mathematics should be used in science classrooms to enhance student understanding.
Heber Pampillon (guitar) is a Peggy Still School of Music (PSSM) teacher and Dylan Guarino (bass) is a PSSM student; both have credits on a Lucky Dog Studios promo CD, as well as its 2012 Holiday album.