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Both PVA and PSSNa are hydrated by water molecules.
benzene ring in the mixture and as a result electron pair donicity ability increases which favor the hydrogen bonding between PVA and PSSNa and thus enhances the formation of complex.
Addition of Hofmeister series of salts enhances the formation of complex between PVA and PSSNa which in turn decreases the LCST of the polymer Fig.
The trend of decreasing the LCST follow the same trend when the PVA content is less or equal to PSSNa content.
A mixture of PVA and PSSNa does not exhibit LCST in pure water when the PVA content is 9.
This is due to the fact that the addition of Hofmeister series of anions increases the interaction between PVA and PSSNa. SCN - ion has low surface tension value as compared to SO4 interaction between PVA and PSSNa are stronger as compared to water.
9 show LCST of PVA/PSSNa mixture for comparison at Ctotal = 1.5 mol/L in the presence of different salts having ionic strength I = 0.2mol/L and at different molar ratios of PVA and PSSNa.
Poly (Sodium 4-Styrene Sulphonate) (PSSNa) (Mw =7.0 x 104) and Poly (vinyl alcohol) PVA (Mw = 6.1 x 104) were purchased from Aldrich and used as received.
For the cloud point measurements in the presence of different ratios of PVA to PSSNa the total polymer concentration was fixed at 1.5 mol/L and the ionic strength of salts were fixed at 0.2 mol/L.