PSSSparallel sequence spread spectrum (physical layer for RF communication)
PSSSParallel Sequence Spread Spectrum (coding technique for RF signals)
PSSSPoly Sodium 4 Styrenesulfonate (chemistry)
PSSSPayment and Securities Settlement Systems (banking)
PSSSProcess Specific Support Systems
PSSSPower Strip Space Saver (Philips)
PSSSPublic Security Surveillance System (Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation)
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Our study supports the findings of Rymaszewska, Helo, and Gunasekaran (2017) that digital technology and IoT-based solutions offer highly promising tools for capturing value from PSSs. Nevertheless, our conclusions may not be extended to all power tools, let alone all industrial support goods.
Jay Widmer, M.D., Ph.D., from the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media in Rochester, Minn., and colleagues compared industry-vetted PSSs such as the Press Ganey (PG) PSS between physicians with and without negative reviews.
Test of Significance of Psychosocial Determinants Scores Mean Rank Significance Control Case PSSS Emotional 99.25 61.75 < 0.001 PSSS Instrumental 99.07 61.92 < 0.001 PSLE 63.34 97.66 < 0.001 Table 6.
A number of PSSs was applied in the simulation model of the power system and their stabilizing effects were investigated.
(13) Joseph GA, Rao PSSS. Impact of leprosy on the quality of life.
The different styles of SSs result from tissue-specific processing of SS precursor molecules (preprosomatostatin, PSS) and the multiple PSSs genes.
If a single symbol decoding fails due to noise or synchronization, then a burst error up to 60 bits is expected on the output of the PSSS baseband.
According to the collected data, and since there are multiple articles evoking the PSS over the years, we grouped the aims and objectives of PSSs written in the reference articles (table 2).
After the flooding event, use of the Pacific Syndromic Surveillance System (PSSS) (7), which collects weekly aggregated data on diarrhea and other syndromes from 4 health facilities in Honiara and 4 provincial hospitals, was transitioned to a postdisaster Early Warning Alert and Response Surveillance Network (EWARN) to enhance outbreak detection and response (8).