PSSSPPost-Secondary Student Support Program (Canada)
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According to the FSIN, insufficient funding through the PSSSP has resulted in 10,000 First Nations students across the country being denied access to post-secondary education.
The report offered INAC five suggestions on how to better facilitate PSSSP, which allocates approximately $300 million to bands across Canada.
"INAC threatens changes to PSSSP by April 2011 but has not consulted First Nations to date despite the "Duty to Consult" agreement," states a Sept.
"Ever rising costs and a 2% PSSSP funding cap, imposed by INAC in 1996, have resulted in fewer students being funded each year."
"Our rights are being violated." He added that Saskatchewan First Nations should be leaders of a national movement against Canada's PSSSP. Lonechild proposed the idea of contacting Prime Minister Stephen Harper directly to meet with the FSIN and understand the struggles many communities and their students face.
The website says that the federal government currently provides funding for status First Nations and Inuit students through the Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP).