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PSSSTPolice, Surveillance, Safety, Self-Defense and Tactical Equipment
PSSSTPalm Springs Social Sun Tanners (California)
PSSSTParent and Special Services Support Team
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Sometime around about half past 1985, wearing a faded black gallabiyya, a wizened, altitudinally challenged man who looked older than the Giza pyramids, went 'Pssst' in our ears with a promise of something the garage of which he was responsible.
Pssst, beware that you might be running out of victims.
(Pssst. If there are any of you out there who are trying for a Six Nations baby, then, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, this is the right time to do it.
It's a desktop phone, a speaker dock for iPads and iPhones, a sleek-looking retro phone and pssst!, it's also great at VoIP calls too.
"Pssst, I happen to have a small number of Feathered Serpent get-off-the-world tickets which will rush you pounds 50,000 each.
Pssst - Charlie's 10-Miler is making a comeback - pass it on.
Pssst! They might just be reluctant to criticize the hand that pays them.
Hey, isn't it totally unAmerican to complain that being a black woman in the '80s at a class-conscious, white-bread college, Princeton, was somewhat uncomfortable?Just as Bill and Hillary did the "Pssst! He's black!" thing on Barry, now the Republicans will use the same tactic on the strong and opinionated Michelle.Unlike her husband, who wrote in his memoir that he had learned at a young age to smile and charm and disarm whites of the notion that he might be a bristly black militant, Michelle has not always hidden her jangly opinions so well.
(Pssst: Another famous writer who trained at Camp X was Roald Dahl.
Pssst. To coincide with Father's Day, Paul Mitchell have launched a special thickening shampoo and conditioner for men who are losing their crowning glory.