PSSUQPost Study System Usability Questionnaire
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Usability Measured by the PSSUQ. Usability of the platform was rated with an average score of approximately 6 per item (data not shown) as well as per subscale (Table 3).
Lewis, "Psychometric evaluation of the PSSUQ using data from five years of usability studies," International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, vol.
TABLE 3: Mean scores * of family and professional caregivers per subscale of the PSSUQ. Family caregivers Professional caregivers System usefulness N 7 19 Mean (SD) 6,07 6,15 Information quality N 6 19 Mean (SD) 5,55 5,87 Interface quality N 5 18 Mean (SD) 6,31 6,05 Scores varied from 1 (strongly disagree) to 7 (strongly agree).
At the end of the last session, instead of a PWC-ASQ, a PSSUQ was administered.
Participants were asked seven questions related to tongue piercing in the PSSUQ, summarized in Figure 4 and categorized as four factors, accounting for 90.9 percent of the total variance via factor analysis.
Another group of questions in the PSSUQ included three factors: usability of the TDS and SnP (ease of use and effectiveness), satisfaction with the TDS, and comparison between TDS and the current AT, which accounted for 87.3 percent of the total variance.