PSSHPhysical Symbol System Hypothesis (philosophy)
PSSHPartia Socialiste e Shqipërisë (Albanian Socialist Party; formerly PPSh)
PSSHPre-School Story Hour (various locations; library story time)
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Ruling for almost a decade without opposition, the PSSH is fragmenting, with Ilir Meta, the country's president, and former party member, openly challenging Rama's leadership.
In turn, the DRM system provides a Protection System Specific Header (PSSH) box that is part of the base media file format (ISO BMFF) along with content protection elements to be added to the manifest file, known as the MPD, essentially a roadmap for the various resolution or data rates for adaptive bitrate (ABR) segmented files that will be played on an end-user's device, with resolutions and data rates automatically chosen based on network congestion.
Esther, despite her attempt to be pssh and please Tyra by pulling her unnaturally dark hair into a ponytail for judging, is told to pack her bags.
Turing (1950) explicitly articulated this idea in the late 1940s, and later Newell and Simon (1976) proposed the physical symbol system hypothesis (PSSH) as a newer form of the same set of intuitions about the relation between computation and thinking.
Several researchers from this movement claimed that representations are not really processed to produce intelligent behavior as much as representations are constructed as part of intelligent behavior, and that much of AI, including the PSSH, had misconstrued the nature of cognition (Cognitive Science 1993).
He describes the subtle distinctions between different versions of computational theories in AI and cognitive science, in particular between the PSSH in AI and the LOT hypothesis in cognitive science.
There is no re-encryption needed; it just takes the PIFF information and creates the CENC boxes with appropriate PSSH signaling.
Coudurier then reveals the black magic: "You need to start from a simple CENC [Common Encryption Scheme], AES [Advanced Encryption Standard] 128 CTR [counter mode] basis, where you inject your PSSH [Protection System-Specific Header] atoms (Widevine and PlayReady in our case).
"It's somehow more complex than previously when the DRM was handled by a browser plugin, but in terms of content preparation it's really painless, as CENC is doing 99% of the job and you just have to take care of applying the various DRMs signaling in the PSSH boxes.