PSTARPortable Search and Target Acquisition Radar
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Typically, PSTAR interfaces with a weapons system such as a Stinger anti-aircraft missile.
Update on the status of spiny dogfish in 2013 and projected harvests at the Fmsy Proxy and Pstar of 40%.
The ROC has made a number of moves in recent months to improve its air defenses, ordering the Portable Search and Target-Acquisition Radar (PSTAR) systems from Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics and Surveillance Systems (see "ROC Orders AD Radars," JED, February 2000, p.
Among the products Jungers feels are the company's best export candidates are the PSTAR (see "ECMonitor," JED, January 1991), Low Altitude Aircraft Detection System (LAADS) and TrackSTAR ground radars; the ALQ-126B standard internal countermeasures fit for the F-18; and the ALQ-144(V)E infrared countermeasures systems, an active IR jamming system to protect helicopters from IR guided missiles (see "Cooling Off the Heat Seekers," p.
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