PSTATPrecipitation Static
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Caption: Figure 5: Kidney tissues harvested from [eStat3.sup.-/-] and control mice 24 hours after ischemic injury were processed to examine IL-22 by RT-PCR (a) and phospho (Y705)-tyrosine STAT3 (pSTAT) immunostaining as a measure of proximal tubule STAT3 activation (b, c).
The AC impedance data was obtained at the free corrosion potential using an Autolab PSTAT 30 potentiostat and frequency response analyzer.
11 We use the PSTAT command in Doan (1990) for our analysis of time and cross-sectional effects.
Voltammetric measurements were performed on a potentiostat/galvanostat (DropSens, pStat model 400) coupled to a microcomputer for data acquisition.
Milovic, "Association of decreased NK cell activity and IFNy expression with pSTAT dysregulation in breast cancer patients," Journal ofB.U.ON., vol.
Author(s): Saroj Niraula, MD, Greg Pond, PhD, PStat, Ronald de Wit, MD, PhD, Mario Eisenberger, MD, Ian F.