PSTEPractical Skills Therapeutic Education (method)
PSTEProtection, Sociale, Travail, Emploi (French: Social Security, Labor and Employment Protection)
PSTEPersonnel Subsystem Test & Evaluation
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SEBEST PSTE ([alpha] = .892) and STOE ([alpha] = .958) subscales also demonstrated high reliability.
Somewhat similar trends (see Table 3) were noted for the ATEP science teachers with entry STOE (M = 2.34, SD = .46) scores significantly greater than PSTE (M = 1.76, SD = .55), p < .001.
Previous practice was to 'almost assume' that students could easily learn the basics of nutrition and now the curriculum in PSTE programs is more realistically underpinned by the findings of this project.
During the first phase of the study teachers reported before the institute they had a mean personal science teaching efficacy (PSTE) score of 4.01 (SD = 1.02) and a science teaching outcome expectancy (STOE) of 4.14 (SD = 0.51).
Post-hoc tests using the Bonferroni correction revealed PSTE increased significantly between the pre test and the post test, p < .05 (see Table 5).
It was designed to address their level of confidence in their ability to teach science (Personal Science Teaching Efficacy or PSTE) and to assess their effect on the students they teach (Science Teaching Outcome Expectancy or STOE).
Mathematics Total Score, Science Total Score, PMTE, MTOE, PSTE, and STOE in the post-test.
Based on Bandura's work on self-efficacy, Riggs and Enochs (Riggs, 1991) have proposed two factors, personal science teaching efficacy (PSTE) and science teaching outcome expectancy (STOE), as a result of a study into preservice teacher self-efficacy beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors in the domain specific area of science.
The STEBI-B is comprised of two subscales; personal science teaching efficacy beliefs (PSTE) and science teaching outcome expectancy (STOE).
Or we have toast with butter and jam or chicken liver pSte. He takes and makes the coffee, I have cold milk chocolate in a glass each morning.