PSTKProtein Serine-Threonine Kinase
PSTKPower Stacker Transmitter Kit (TV Ears)
PSTKPreventive Services Toolkit (American Association of Public Health Physicians)
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- Welded aluminum with stick-resistant, easy-release, scratch-free PSTK coating
(12) The Compustat mnemonic and codes for variables used in the analysis are as follows: Sales growth (SALECHG1, none), Sales (SALE, A12), Operating Income Before Depreciation (OIBDP, A13), Income Taxes-Total (TXT, A16), Total Assets (AT, A6), Cash and Short-Term Investments (CHE, A1), Receivables (RECT, A2), Inventory (INVT, A3), Accounts Payable (AP, A70), Market Value of Equity (MKTVALE none), Total Liabilities (LT, A181), Interest Expense (XINT, A15), Cost of Goods Sold (COGS, A41), Preferred Stock (PSTK, A130), Deferred Taxes-Income Account (TXDI, A50), and Debt-Convertible Total (DCVT, A79).
PAW is defined as all equity-based awards as a fraction of the manager's total annual compensation, while PSOP and PSTK are the fraction of stock options and restricted stock, respectively.
We describe equity-based awards (PAW), stock options (PSOP), restricted stock (PSTK), and CEO ownership (CEOOWN) in the incentive compensation section above.
These restrictions allow us to identify Model 2, which uses a three-equation system to distinguish between stock options (PSOP) and restricted stock (PSTK).
PSTK = [[lambda].sub.0] + [[lambda].sub.t][R&D.sub.t] + [[lambda].sub.2][MBA.sub.t-1] + [[lambda].sub.3]SIZE + [[lambda].sub.4]TENURE + [[lambda].sub.5]BOARD + [[lambda].sub.6]INSTOWN + [[lambda].sub.7]BLOCKOWN] + [[lambda].sub.8]UNCERTAINTY + [[lambda].sub.9][LEVERAGE.sub.t] + [[lambda].sub.10] CONV [Debt.sub.t] + [[lambda].sub.11]CEOOWN + [[lambda].sub.12][D.sub.FAMILY] + [[lambda].sub.13]CEO/Chair + [epsilon] (4)