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The SNP6-Pstl locus (163442 C>G) was located at exon 8 and mutated from C to G, which could be genotyped by the Pstl PCR-RFP method (Figure 2f).
Using these parameters, energy lost from soft tissues upon spawning (SPAWN; measured in Joules per spawning per animal) was computed according to dry soft tissue weight (DSTW; measured in grams) in Mytilus edulis and Crassostrea gigas as SPAWN = [DSTW x PSTL x 23.5] when SL [greater than or equal to] SLM (2 and 5, respectively), TEMP [greater than or equal to] TTS (13 and 19, respectively), and COND [greater than or equal to] (0.95 x MTA), assuming 23.5 J/mg dry soft body tissue (Slobodkin & Richman 1961), and where values for PSTL were observed experimentally (0.18 and 0.44, respectively), while limiting NSE to 2 (Bayne et al 1983, Hawkins et al 1985, Ren et al 2003, Royer et al 2008).
A 190bp fragment within the earlier Pstl fragments was amplified using primers; Forward: 5' TTG AGC ATA TTC GTG AGG 3', Reverse: 5' GTA CAG TTT CTG CGT TAG (3,14).
It begins with three chapters that pertain to the former GC and its successor, the Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning (PsTL).
AFLP primer Number of AFLP Number of combinations bands scored polymorphic bands P-ACC/M-CGGA ([dagger]) 104 80 P-ACC/M-CGCT 108 92 P-AGG/M-CTG 114 102 P-AGG/M-CACG 110 98 P-AGG/M-CGGC 75 59 P-AGT/M-CGGA 79 72 P-AGT/M-CGGC 122 94 P-AGT/M-CAG 111 104 P-AGT/M-CTG 138 103 Total 961 804 ([dagger]) P = Pstl and M = Msel restriction enzymes.
Another laboratory reported that they obtained a uniform size of 55 repeats by 2 methods [PCR and double restriction digest (EcoRI and BssHII) followed by Southern blot] and that a third method (single restriction digest with Pstl followed by Southern blot) reproducibly gave both a 55-repeat band and a full mutation band of ~400 repeats.
Currently, Patricia Chamberlain oversees the logistic activities of seven FMS countries while serving as the F/A-18 EMS Product Support Team Leader (PSTL) at the Naval Air Systems Command.
ClaI, DraI, EcoRI, HindIII, KspI, Pstl, PvuII, SacI, SalI, SmaI, XbaI, XhoI) and StyI (C/CWWGG) were detected by the above hybridization technique (Thorpe et al.
The equity began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol 'PSTL',on 15 May 2019.
PCR product, Mutation Primers bp Pro-30-Leu [P.sub.5] [P.sub.6] 249 Intron 2 (A, [P.sub.7] [P.sub.8] 378 C [right arrow] G) Exon 3 (8-bp deletion) [P.sub.9] [P.sub.10] 89 Ile-172-Asn [P.sub.11] [P.sub.2] 416 Val-281-Leu + [P.sub.3] [P.sub.4] 2219 Arg-339-His Gin-318-Stop [P.sub.12] [P.sub.13] 136 Arg-356-Trp [P.sub.14] [P.sub.15] 213 Pro-453-Ser [P.sub.16] [P.sub.17] 223 Fragment sizes, by Restriction Mutation enzyme Normal Mutated Pro-30-Leu Hhal 21, 228 249 Intron 2 (A, Hhal 378 24, 354 C [right arrow] G) Exon 3 (8-bp deletion) -- 89 81 Ile-172-Asn Taql 416 22, 394 Val-281-Leu + Alw 441 376, 853, 990 853, 1366 Arg-339-His 990, 1229 Gin-318-Stop Pstl 25, 111 136 Arg-356-Trp Bsof1 9, 33, 81, 90 33, 81, 99 Pro-453-Ser Hhal 2, 23, 51, 147 2, 74, 147 Table 3.
Pstl and Rsal RFLPs in complete linkage disequilibrium at the CYP2E gene.
The Pstl polymorphism has been reported to show an association with decreased HDL-cholesterol concentrations [20,21] and with angiographically detected premature CAD [22].