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PSTVProtocol Specification, Testing, and Verification
PSTVPotato Spindle Tuber Viroid
PSTVPeanut Stripe Virus
PSTVPlattsburgh State Television (New York)
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The Passatempo virus (PSTV) was isolated and identified after an outbreak in 2003, in the towm of Passa-Tempo, Minas Gerais.
Figure 3 shows that while some Brazilian strains (ARAV, CTGV, GP2V, PSTV) share this deletion, others (SAV, BAV, GP1V and VBH) do not and would not be detected by these methods.
The objectives of this research were to determine whether interspecific Arachis hybrids differ for in vitro explant morphogenesis from nodal and meristem cultures, and if PMV and PStV could be eliminated via meristem culture from conserved peanut hybrids.
PSTV ha gene sequence was compared to those of ARAV, Cantagalo virus (CTGV) (1,2), VACV-WR, CPXV-BR, VACV Instituto Oswaldo Cruz (VACV-IOC), and VACV Lister (VACV-LST).
Paul Stead, head of Paul Stead Television and Radio Productions (PSTV), said: "We'd done extremely well to get Julie straight from Coronation Street.
Plus Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: PSTV), which previously went by the name Cytori, was among the top performers in the biotech space, advancing in excess of 200% -- with no clear catalyst driving the rally.
The TV company PSTV could handle Julie's "spoilt brat" attitude - but when it crept into her dealings with the public they were shocked.
PSTV boss Paul Stead piled on two stone through comfort eating and today suffers from constant headaches after the stress of dealing with the actress.
* Plus Therapeutics, Inc.(NASDAQ: PSTV) fell 12.7% to close at $16.81 after gaining 28.76% on Wednesday.