PSVCPalm Springs Vacation Connection (Rancho Mirage, CA)
PSVCPost Secondary Vocational Certificate
PSVCPuget Sound Vizsla Club (dog club; Washington)
PSVCPictet Sustainable Value Chain (bank; Switzerland)
PSVCPermanent Switched Virtual Circuit
PSVCParadise Software Video Conferencing (Paradise Software, Inc.; telecommunications)
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Using SIFT and CPAM to extract features separately, PSVC is used to annotate images of the ImageNet dataset which are popular dataset in image annotation.
Annotating Google 6000 Data Sets Using PSVC. For better evaluating our algorithm, PSVC algorithm is used to Google 6000 data sets downloaded from the Internet.
In this paper, the PSVC algorithm which combines with PSO algorithm and SVC algorithm is proposed to annotate the images automatically.
Caption: Figure 5: The result comparison of PSVC and libsvm.
P R F1-Score TGLM 0.26 0.28 0.27 Group sparsity 0.29 0.33 0.31 TagProp 0.32 0.39 0.35 SVC 0.33 0.31 0.32 GPR 0.34 0.40 0.37 CS 0.31 0.38 0.34 PSVC 0.42 0.38 0.40 Table 6: Performance comparison of two extraction methods.
Another important factor in this dating process is related with the own behaviour of the geomagnetic field, which is shown by the PSVCs. A rapid change recorded in the master PSVC can allow us to obtain a more precise date than in periods of slow change.
We will obtain a directional PSVC, and we will use just the directional information contained in the geomagnetic models for paleomagnetic dating, although in some of them intensity information is also available.
The first step to develop a regional PSVC is to choose a particular location as the main reference point to where all paleomagnetic directions will be relocated by the CVP method (Noel&Batt, 1990).
The calculated bayesian PSVC is represented in Figure 2, where different plots for declination and inclination are shown, together with an equal area projection.
It can be observed that the best fit to the paleomagnetic data is achieved by the bayesian PSVC, as expected from the fact that the rest of the models include many other data.
This is generally true also for the whole temporal range: the Bayesian PSVC shows lower inclinations than GUFM1 model.
Since almost all the historical lava flows in the Canary Islands have been used to construct the PSVC for the last 400 years, this curve by itself is not a useful tool for dating lava flows of unknown age.