PSVPPatapsco Valley State Park (Maryland)
PSVPPittsburgh Social Venture Partners (Pittsburgh, PA)
PSVPPilot Secure Voice Project
PSVPPositive Spontaneous Visual Phenomena (neurology)
PSVPPerformance Standard Verification Plan (environment)
PSVPPretty Soldier Voice Project (radio theater)
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We suggest (24, 25) that in PSVP and PMMA filled systems, the polysulfide chains have a strong affinity for the particles by polar and hydrogen bonding, leading to a strong particle-matrix interaction.
It is suggested that physical crosslinking, due to either particle clustering in the PS filled compound or a network structure consisting of particles and an adsorbed polymer layer in the PSVP or PMMA filled compounds, makes a significant contribution to the gelation of rubber compounds.
Crosslinker Particle Diameter Concentration Composition [micro]m mole% PS 0.315 2% DVB PMMA 0.344 2% EGDMA PSVP 05/5% p-vinylphenol 0.315 2% DVB PSVP10/10%p-vinylphenol 0.315 2% DVB Table 2 The Gel Time for Various Compounds Containing 30 wt% Particles.