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PSVSProfessional Switch Vision Suite (software)
PSVSPortosystemic Venous Shunt, Congenital
PSVSPilot Secure Voice System
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All provincial governments and Inspector General Motorways Police are, therefore, advised to start a crackdown against all PSV's installing CNG cylinders inside the passengers' compartments.
In recent past, there were severe fire accidents in PSVs especially in Hiace vans (vintage/new) and the transport department was unable to check each and every PSV operating on roads.
Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) without route permits or in poor condition were being impounded and imposed fines.
Effective briefing would be imparted to owners/drivers of PSVs especially with regard to uncertified CNG cylinders, over speeding, careless driving and unauthorized alterations/modification.
Negotiations between the Nairobi county government, businessman Paul Kobia and PSV operators over the matatu ban from the CBD are ongoing, a court heard.
class="MsoNormalDouble parking, illegal bus stops and private cars operating as PSVs have been blamed for the congestion in Nairobi CBD.
Viking Supply Ships AB is a Swedish shipping group, which conducts its business in the four segments of Anchor Handling Tug Supply ships (AHTS), Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), Services and Ship Management.
All 4 PSVs are owned by Mantenimiento Express Maritimo SAPI de CV (MEXMAR), SEACOR Marine's joint venture in Mexico.
Both have reported expansion of their road and rail transport segments with rail operators and passenger service vehicles (PSVs) companies set to drive up consumption of anti-graffiti coating solutions in the region.
As per details NH&MP Motorway Zone imposed fine on 172 PSVs and made them to return overcharged amount of Rs.30,5000 to the passengers at the spot at district Islamabad/
• Ensuring PSVs are operational and are set to the correct set pressure.
Brazilian shipyard, Navaship, will participate in the construction work, and a batch of five PSVs will be built at Rementowa in Poland.