PSWNPublic Safety Wireless Network
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Although its task is very challenging, the PSWN Program has made great strides in achieving interoperability among public safety agencies across the United States.
The PSWN Program has been active in several key areas of the interoperability challenge.
The PSWN Program realizes officers and departments first must be willing to work together and share a mutual commitment to the goal that no man, woman, and child ever should lose their life or be injured because public safety officials cannot communicate with each other.
The PSWN Program is fostering partnerships, providing networking opportunities, raising awareness, and sharing solutions through its regional symposiums.
The PSWN Program will offer whatever assistance it can to states and their communications councils as they work to resolve the issue of interoperability.
To help alleviate the funding difficulty, the PSWN Program is reaching out and educating individual members of Congress and making presentations to the National Association of Governors, National League of Cities, and other similar associations to inform state and local decisionmakers.