PSWPPatient Safety Work Product (US Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Act of 2005)
PSWPPuget Sound Writing Project (Seattle, WA)
PSWPProgram on Solid Waste Policy (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
PSWPPregnant Soldier Wellness Program
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(109) The Network of Patient Safety Database analyzes the PSWP and data
system, the PSQIA establishes a broad privilege protecting PSWP. A
PSWP is collected or created for the purpose of reporting it to a PSO or
For information that does qualify as PSWP, the statute provides broad privilege and confidentiality protections.
(91) Walgreens objected by arguing that the incident reports fit the definition of PSWP under the Patient Safety Act and were therefore privileged.
(61) See infra notes 62-69 and accompanying text (defining PSWP and describing exceptions to definition).
HCV RNA detection by NAT remains gold standard for the early diagnosis during PSWP and for confirmation of active HCV infection.
(20) At present, the country does not have a uniformly accepted policy to screen the blood donors for the possible carriage of HCV infection during the PSWP. Though NAT based diagnosis of HCV infections are practiced in certain specialized private blood banks and laboratories, the practice is not widespread due to the obvious reason of cost.
Thus, to summarize on the basis of extensive review of literature, we hypothesized that the HCVcAg test may be simple and cost-effective as compared to NAT and that it could be a good alternative to NAT for the early diagnosis of HCV infection, particularly in the acute phase of the illness and the PSWP, during which the infection can be missed in a substantial number of cases, if anti-HCV Ab testing is employed alone.
* The maintenance of procedures to preserve confidentiality with respect to PSWP;
* The provision of appropriate security measures with respect to PSWP;
The legislation also requires that a network of patient safety databases be established that can accept, aggregate, and analyze non-identifiable reported PSWP and provide an interactive evidence-based management resource for health care providers and patient safety organizations.