PSYMPredictive System for Multimetrics (water quality; UK)
PSYMPerkins School of Youth Ministry
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These plasmids are commonly known as the pSyms. They contain functionally important genes contributing to competitive fitness of this group of bacteria in the rhizosphere, including nodulation competitiveness, exopolysaccharides and lipopolysaccharides synthesis, utilization of different carbon source and plasmids transfer.
The identity map on ySym makes PSym into a connection on ySym.
As PSym is graded and connected, it has a one-sided antipode.
Theorem 5.1 There are unit and antipode maps [mu] : K [right arrow] PSym and S : PSym [right arrow] PSym making PSym a one-sided Hopfalgebra.
The ySym-Hopf module structure on PSym from Theorem 4.1 has coaction
Since painted trees and bi-leveled trees both index vertices of the multiplihedra, these structures for PSym give structures on the linear span [MSym.sub.+] of bi-leveled trees with at least one node.