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PSYOPPsychological Operations
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The central theme of PSYOP is to modify the target audience's behavior while dissuading them from supporting the opposing side.
With the acquisition of Content and Co, Psyop is excited to include branded content development among its world-class commercial direction, production, animation, ideation, AR, and technology services.
Similar subversion can allow data collection at such high resolution as to permit individuals to be simulated; this knowledge permits PSYOPs to be optimized; compromising media creates new conduits for persuasion or the manipulation of fear.
This is the point we have reached in the Hollywood/Pentagon production (PsyOp), where the true plot has been revealed to those of us with the power or the desire to see the truth in the American terror war, a point which would normally come towards the end of the production.
(15) In the case of direct NGO-military interaction, for example, when Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations (PSYOP) teams, along with PuNic Affairs officers, interact, there is often more common ground than when other specialty officers such as Judge Advocate Generals (JAGs) are employed.
(23) JP 3-13, Information Operations, identified information operations (IO) as "the integrated employment of electronic warfare (EW), computer network operations (CNO), psychological operations (PSYOP), military deception (MILDEC), and operations security (OPSEC), in concert with specified supporting and related capabilities, to influence, disrupt, corrupt or usurp adversarial human and automated decision making while protecting our own." (24) Doctrinally, CNO, including computer network attack (CNA) and defense (CND), represented just a subset of a larger category of arguably dissimilar activities.
As Farocki renders it, the 'treatment' appears to be the application of a sophisticated psychological operation (PSYOP) on a growing and de-stabilizing influence in the military: soldiers who cannot kill and watch others be killed and who increasingly will not.
Many Soldiers and leaders still are not aware of Psychological Operations (PSYOP) Warriors' capabilities.
DOD defines PSYOP as planned operations to convey selected information to targeted foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.
Smychek, Regulating the Battlefield of the Future: The Legal Limitations on the Conduct of Psychological Operations (PSYOP) Under Public International Law, 57 A.F.L.