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PSYOPSPsychological Operations (plural, PSYOP is preferred)
PSYOPSPhysiological Operations (US DoD)
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Wang said that the three-pronged approach of videotaping, audio broadcasting, and publishing can be used at different stages to produce psychological warfare, psychological defense, motivational speeches, bulletins, flyers, safety certificates, posters, and other propaganda materials used in PSYOPS campaigns.
Prior to initiating an offensive or other military confrontation, China will use worldwide psyops and public opinion warfare as part of a concerted PW campaign.
Psychological Operations (PSYOP) personnel in the skies over Southeast Asia averaged between 7,000 and 9,000 total flight hours while executing approximately 2,000 sorties per month.
PSYOPs, for instance, entail persuasion in that one hears echoes of retail tycoon John Wanamaker: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." Unpredictability is higher if leveraging social media rather than mass media, because the former depends on the willingness of those receiving the message to pass it on and thus have it go viral.
Thus, psychological operations (PSYOPS) are an element of this field.
Theories - whether they are about extraterrestrials, lighthouses, time travellers from the future, burning trucks of manure, psyops, practical jokes or secret prototype drones are just that - theories - nothing more.
He was last stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., attached to the psyops unit, but was dishonorably discharged in 1998 for "patterns of misconduct," a Pentagon official ( said .
Stratejik iletisim; bir kollektif guvenlik ve savunma orgutu olan NATO ornegine uyarlandiginda, NATO'nun iletisim faaliyetleri ve kabiliyetlerinin -uygun oldugu sekliyle kamu diplomasisi, halkla iliskiler, askeri kamu isleri, bilgi destek operasyonlari (InfoOps), psikolojik operasyonlar (PsyOps)--ittifak politikalarini, operasyonlarini ve faaliyetlerini destekleyecek sekilde ve NATO'nun amaclarini gerceklestirmek uzere, koordineli ve es zamanli kullanilmasi olarak tanimlanabilir.
--combination of new structures, methods, techniques and technologies as a response that the military instrument gives to security challenges (Civil-military cooperation, CIMIC, PSYOPS, etc.).
This militant recruitment circuit is used for funneling militant players into local Turkmen-based psyops. Turkey also provides the ground troops of Fethullah GE-len's "moderate Islamists," who build Islamist-based schools in former Soviet territory, or work from homes to clandestinely spread the teachings of the "Nurcular" movement, which has been banned in Russia as extremist literature.
the early post-9/11 Bush mention to an American audience of our crusade against the terrorists.) Taylor warns against international broadcasting being tarred by the brush of psyops, citing the instance in which an Air Force plane relayed Radio Marti broadcasts to Cuba.