PSZSPowiatowy Szkolny Zwiazek Sportowy (Polish: District School of Sporting)
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Why not compete with the giants by developing Australia's own solid-oxide fuel cell around PSZ and a number of other CSIRO technologies, and capture a slice of what promised to become a multi-billion dollar international industry?
It is actually `green', unfired PSZ, mixed with organic binding agents and plasticisers so it can be rolled into sheets and cut into squares before firing.
Fired PSZ is a solid, creamy colour, but the company has succeeded in making membranes just 50 microns thick, (one micron is one thousandth of a millimetre), so thin that they are translucent.
At this exceptional thinness, even PSZ is brittle, but still tough enough to survive what Badwal and his colleagues dubbed the `Schacht test', named after a former Federal Science Minister, who, when shown one of the sheets, alarmed scientists by flicking it vigorously with a fingernail.
PSZ membranes can flex without shattering, but in fuel cells they are sandwiched between rigid layers of stainless steel (see story on page 25).