PTDMPost-Transplant Diabetes Mellitus (nephrology)
PTDMParking and Transportation Demand Management (Massachusetts and California)
PTDMPostrenal Transplantation Diabetes Mellitus
PTDMPolarization Time Division Multiplexing
PTDMProfessional Tools for Digital Media (University of Oregon)
PTDMPlain Text Data Mode
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10) The peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor [gamma] (PPAR[gamma]) gene is involved in glucose and lipid homeostasis, and its association with PTDM is controversial.
The study subjects were 51 kidney transplant recipients with PTDM and 72 recipients without PTDM at the time of the study.
The demographic and clinical characteristics of the PTDM and control groups are listed in Table 1.
None of the genotypes or alleles was overrepresented or underrepresented in the group with PTDM.
Besides immunosuppressant use, risk factors for PTDM that have been identified in previous studies include patient age older than 40, (15,16) African American and Hispanic origin, (16) family history of diabetes, (16,17) increased body weight, (1,17-19) and hepatitis C virus infection.
However, we did not identify any significant correlation between these polymorphisms and PTDM in our study.
25) Similarly, we did not find it to be a significant determinant of PTDM in our study.
26) However, the association of the same polymorphism with PTDM is subject to debate.
The rs1800629 polymorphism of TNF (-308G/A) has been linked to insulin resistance, (27) but no data on its contribution to PTDM is available.