PTDSPersistent Threat Detection System
PTDSPhotonic Transmission Design Suite (Virtual Photonics)
PTDSPreliminary Training Development Study
PTDSPizza Thermal Delivery System
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The PTDS and the Navy's persistent ground surveillance system will become the "persistent surveillance system-tethered.
The combination of PTDS and the fixed wing platforms enabled the unit to identify and kill these insurgents.
The PTDS is equipped with multi-mission sensors to provide long endurance intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communications in support of the United States military and its allies.
The IPV is highly prevalent in the community of developed and developing countries (3-7,39,40); and it is a common factor for PTDS in women around the world (22,23).
PTDS is a persistent, wide field-of-view, aerostat-based surveillance system that can "slew-to-cue" elevated electro-optical and infrared optics from numerous air and ground sensors.
His claim is backed by Conwy AM Gareth Jones, who has welcomed legal action in the High Court by exservicemen suffering from PTDS.
the PTDS is a computerized system that in minutes can thoroughly evaluate the condition of pneumatic tools and outline the maintenance steps necessary for optimal performance.
The PTDS is a package of long-term sensors attached to an aerostat--a tethered balloon--designed to link tactical and theater surveillance assets with operational forces, helping to counter hostile fire and unconventional threats.
Ninety-two percent of the MDMA group, compared with 25% in the placebo group, had a significant reduction in their clinician-administered PTDS scale scores of 30% or more.
PTDS has performed exceptionally in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2004 and we are looking forward to many more years of supporting our customers' needs for affordable, reliable aerostat systems.
The US Army also employs the Lockheed Martin PTDS (Persistent Threat Detection System), with the company's 56K aerostat flown at 2500 ft.