PTGCProgressive Transformation of Germinal Centers (medical condition)
PTGCPerangsang Templer Golf Club (Malaysia)
PTGCPercutaneous Trigeminal Ganglion Compression (neurology)
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The seller is Leng Kheang, a full owner of the total issued stock of PTGC before the entry into the deal with Mermaid Maritime.
stated that the investment in PTGC is "in line with its treasury function to maintain a portfolio of suitable investments of its cash reserves while preserving its liquidity for business operations".
In addition, the macronodules of NLPHL frequently exhibit poorly delimited edges, whereas the transformed follicles of PTGC are well defined.
Distinguishing lymphocyte-rich classical Hodgkin lymphoma from NLPHL and PTGC has important prognostic and therapeutic consequences.
A, Two follicles showing early (top right) and more progressed (middle) stages of PTGC in a background of follicular hyperplasia (left).
The samples included 11 cases of NLPHL and 5 cases of FH with prominent PTGCs (ie, enlarged nodules at least twice the size of surrounding germinal centers, containing residual germinal center elements among a proliferation of small lymphocytes with an obscure mantle zone boundary, representing >10% of follicles in a longitudinal section), as well as 8 cases of FH without PTGCs as negative controls.
In cases with PTGCs, the analysis concentrated on the progressively transformed germinal centers, and the largest CD20-positive cells present in these areas were counted.
None of the PTGCs or FH cases showed BCL6 abnormalities.