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It is regarded as essential for a health professional to scan ("eyeball") FN, PN, and PTGL and preferably score these scales, prior to seeing the patient.
FN, PN, PTGL, are scored 0-10 for a total of 030, which can be adjusted to 0-10, using the scoring template at the bottom of Page 1.
Score questionnaire for FN, PN, PTGL for RAPID 3; add PTJT for RAPID 4; and MDGL for RAPID 5 described above, using scoring templates in the "For Office Use Only" boxes at the right side.
The pain VAS is clearly 7, which can be entered in the PN box, and the global estimate (remember that the self-report RADAI joint count is positioned between the pain and global VAS to reduce the likelihood of an identical score for the 2 VAS) is 5.5, entered in box 4, PTGL. The raw total of FN, PN, and PTGL may then be calculated as RAPID 3 (0-30) and entered in the box at the right.