PtHAPinto Horse Association of America
PtHAPuyallup Tribal Health Authority (Tacoma, WA)
PtHAPost-Traumatic Headache
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Cultivares No de estolao No de mudas No de mudas [matriz.sup.-1] [matriz.sup.-1] [ha.sup.-1] Aromas 8,7 83,0 332.000 Camarosa 20,2 117,0 468.000 Campinas 16,5 112,2 449.000 Diamante 7,0 71,0 284.000 Dover 17,5 221,7 887.000 Festival 21,5 157,5 630.000 oso Grande 17,2 112,0 448.000 Toyonoka 13,7 152,5 610.000 Media 15,3 128,3 513.500 TABELA 3--Estimativas de medias das variaveis: precocidade em dias (PRC); producao total em g [planta.sup.-1] (PTP) e em t [ha.sup.-1] (PTha); producao comercial em g [planta.sup.-1] (PCP) e em t [ha.sup.-1] (PCha); numero de frutos totais e comerciais por planta (NFTP e NFCP), respectivamente; massa media em g [fruto.sup.-1] (MMF); e massa media comercial em g [fruto.sup.-1] (MMC), de oito cultivares de morangueiro, Datas-MG.
PtHA has some restrictions on what horses can be registered with its
association, but PtHA horses come in all sizes from miniatures to a
(315) An owner can register a horse with PtHA if it
registered with PtHA are eligible to participate in PtHA shows, and
(309.) Pinto Horse Association of America ("PtHA"), About
There is a shortage of treatment trials in PTHA to offer standard of care guidance for clinicians [123].
From a vocational rehabilitation standpoint, the role of emotional stress in PTHA is paramount.
Abbreviations: CPT = computerized posturography testing, CRP = community rehabilitation program, GPB = grooved pegboard (test), HA = headache, HO = heterotopic ossification, NSAID = nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, PTHA = posttraumatic HA, RTW = return to work, TBI = traumatic brain injury, UFOV = Useful Field of View (test).