PTHRParathyroid Hormone Receptor
PTHRPrime Target Human Resource Services (Federal Way WA)
PTHRPeripheral Thyroid Hormone Resistance (endocrinology)
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Friedman, "Ubiquitination-deubiquitination balance dictates ligand-stimulated PTHR sorting," Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, vol.
In our case, the absence of autoimmune thyroid anticorps and the presence of elevated FT3 and FT4 levels versus normal TSH levels directed us to consider the differential diagnosis for TSHoma and PTHR. GRTH should be considered in patients presenting with elevated free thyroid hormone levels and normal or increased TSH concentrations, especially if these patients appear clinically euthyroid (13).
We investigated the blood samples for PTHR prediagnosis.
The main principle in treating PTHR is the use of TSH suppressive drugs.
The major biological effects of PTH, a linear polypeptide 84 amino acids in length, reflect activation of the G-protein-coupled PTH/PTHrP receptor (PTHR) expressed on target cells in the renal tubules and the osteoblastic lineage of bone (2).
When administered to thyroparathyroidectomized rats, hPTH(7-84), a model for these non(1-84) PTH peptides, antagonizes the calcemic effect of co-infused PTH, although it does not effectively bind to or antagonize the PTHR (17,19).