PTK2BProtein Tyrosine Kinase 2 Beta
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In recent years, GWAS have revealed a series of new susceptibility genes for AD, including ABCA7, BIN1, CR1, CD2AP, CD33, CASS4, CELF1, CLU, EPHA1, FERMT2, HLADRB5/HLADRB1, INPP5D, MS4A6A, MEF2C, NME8, PICALM, PTK2B, SLC24A4/RIN3, SORL1, TREM2, and ZCWPW1 [9, 10, 13, 75-82].
Genes for kinases and kinase inhibitors, such as the CDKN2B, DOK1, KITLG, MAP4K4, NPM1, and PTK2B genes are also included in the panel.
Biological Gene number Partial related methylated genes function Adhesion 580 Sox-2, Shh, Itpkb, Pkd1, Reln, Ptk2b, Nck2, Ass1 Lphn1, Cdh9, Epdr1, Myf5, Pdpn, Has2, Fgfrl1, Fer Secretion 553 Lphn1, Pim3, Fst, Pim3, Pcsk6, Lax1, Sct, Sytl3 Plcd1, Ykt6, Jak1, Stat2, Myc, Csf2, Lifr, Sos1 Proliferation 787 Dixdc1, Lrp6, Edn3, Nkx2, Cyr61, Src, Sox8, Stk4 Ephb1, Sstr3, Rrm2, Tcf3, Grn, Rhoa, Apc, Nox4, Strn Neuronal 473 Bhlhb9, Cckar, Fzd2, Thy1, Pbx3, regeneration Otx2, Lhx8, Btg2 Klhl1, Dlg2, Pak1, Wnt3, Mif, Tctn1, Evl, Ext1, Als2 Axonal 215 Ifrd1, c-Jun, Bcl2, Tnn, Mbp, Slit3, regeneration Ist1, Drgx, Thy1 Unc5c, Ntrk2, Isl1, Ptk2, Dscam, Atl1, Dnm2, Cxcl12 Figure 3: (a) The distribution of differentially methylated regions (DMRs) peaks in different components of genome.
More recently, several independent genome-wide association studies (GWAS) identified 21 new genetic loci by CLU, PICALM, CR1, BIN1, CD33, ABCA7, MS4A6A, MS4A4E, CD2AP, EPHA1, HLADRB5/DRB1, SORL1, PTK2B, SLC24A4, ZCWPW1, CELF1, FERMT2, CASS4, INPP5D, MEF2C, and NME8 [3].