PTK7Protein Tyrosine Kinase 7
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Block of extravasation and bone metastasis ADAM17 ALCAM Invasion (loss of adhesion), metastasis CD44 Invasion (loss of adhesion) EGFR ligands Invasion EGFR ligands, E-cadherin Migration, invasion Notchl Migration ADAM17 PTK7 Migration Syndecan-1 Metastasis, invasion [alpha]5[beta]1 Inhibition metastasis ADAM19 ?
Zhang et al., "Protein-Tyrosine Pseudokinase 7 (PTK7) directs cancer cell motility and metastasis," The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
On account of RIF score, HAND1, PTK7, and ZIC3 were considered as potential asthma-related factors.
Tyrosine-protein kinase-like 7 (PTK7) is a human enzyme encoded by the PTK7 gene [32].
We suggested that HAND1, PTK7, and ZIC3 may be used as biomarkers for asthma; however, more work is needed to validate our result.
Sgc8 specifically binds PTK7, a receptor present on CCRF-CEM cells, but not Ramos cells.