PTLSPotocki-Lupski Syndrome (genes)
PTLSPost Tubal Ligation Syndrome
PTLSPrehospital Trauma Life Support (emergency medical training)
PTLSPercentage of Tracheal Luminal Stenosis (animal medicine)
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In distribution networks, the voltage drop goes along the direction of electricity supply to customers, from the main section of the power transmission line (PTL) to its end.
After colorimetry, the final preferred colorimeter setting (hue 130[degrees], saturation 30, no attenuator, consistent response judged as 8/10) is converted to a precision tinted lens (PTL) specification11 and the optimal colour is checked using precision tinted trial lenses.
Users of SKU Keeper and Voodoo's PTLs include The Window Outfitters, a Dallas-based manufacturer and distributor of wood and aluminum window furnishings.
The laboratory examination showed the following results: hemoglobin (HGB) 65 g/L, platelet (PTL) 79 x 10[sup]9/L, serum creatinine (Scr) 1089 [micro]mol/L, blood urea nitrogen 50.4 [micro]mol/L, complement C3 0.44 g/L, and complement C4 0.24 g/L.
On the other hand, the reclosing process of permanent faults on high PTLs occurring close to power stations causes twisting fluctuations in the generator turbine system and damages equipment [1,2].
With the program conceptualized and the general format proposed, PTLs visited departments in the College of Education to present the proposed program.
It is worth noting that when using the colorimeter, the operator can add a UV-blocker, and it is also possible to precision-tint contact lenses (PTLs).
The effect of using coloured overlays or PTLs to help patients with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) or MISViS is already well-documented.