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As Dugard (1988) so a ptly explains, "instead of moving people physically into another inhospitable area against their will, here we find that the inhospitable area is itself moved to them by the device of drawing a boundary" (p.
The problem of deciding what constitutes truth and knowledge in a particular context when there is no longer a philosophical or cultural "metanarrative" to order and legitimate different kinds of truth-statement is, for Jean-Francois Lyotard, the quintessence of what he termed the "postmodern condition," but it also a ptly describes the hermeneutic predicament facing the reader of "Star-Fighter" (Lyotard xxiv).
* PTLY named "the overture", renowned harpist Elinor Bennett Wigley's new autobiography begins with a chapter on her childhood, setting the scene for what would turn out to be a hugely successful musical career injected with personal heartache.