PTMIProvisional Tolerable Monthly Intake (World Health Organization)
PTMIProduction-Type Method Invocations
PTMIPrevious Transmural Myocardial Infarction (cardiology)
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Conducted by the SFI Group in collaboration with the Department of Labor and Employment, the PTMI study examined key strengths and weaknesses of the local labors when it comes to their level of foundational workplace competencies in accordance to the 21st-century skills framework.
Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto remarked the statement while giving a speech on the achievement of PT Mattel Indonesia during the event of 25th Anniversary of PTMI in Cikarang, West Java, on Monday (12/4).
Airlangga added that he also appreciated PTMI in developing the toy industry in Indonesia which has absorbed 10,000 workers.
The PTMI defined soft skills as personal attributes, personality traits, inherent social cues and communication abilities needed for success on the job.
The PTMI noted more educated job applicants tend to score better for skills related to grit, decision making, agreeableness and extraversion than their less educated counterparts.
En un creciente numero de paises se estan iniciando intervenciones de ampliacion para la prevencion de la transmision materno-infantil (PTMI) del VIH en los servicios de salud materno-infantil.
Aunque el piloto y los proyectos de demostracion fueron exitosos, los avances en la ampliacion de la PTMI han sido lentos, ya que se alcanzo solo el 11% de las mujeres embarazadas VIH-positivas en gran parte de Africa, menos de la mitad dei porcentaje de cobertura logrado por los programas de tratamiento antirretroviral para adultos.