PTMVPercutaneous Transvenous Mitral Balloon Valvuloplasty
PTMVPercutaneous Transluminal Mitral Valvotomy (echocardiography)
PTMVPeru Tomato Mosaic Virus
PTMVPercutaneous Transseptal Mitral Valvotomy (internal medicine)
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The paper- based questionnaire, consequently, consisted of 18 items and four measures, including perceived team member's valuable contributions to FC-TBL (PTMV), perceived motivation from FC-TBL (PM), perceived enjoyment from FC-TBL (PE), and perceived learning from FC-TBL (PL).
Factor structure matrix of loadings Constructs Loadings AVE Perceived team member's valuable PTMV1 0.894 0.719 contributions (PTMV) PTMV2 0.861 PTMV3 0.875 PTMV4 0.910 PTMV5 0.788 PTMV6 0.747 Perceived motivation from FC-TBL (PM) PM1 0.952 0.906 PM2 0.952 Perceived enjoyment from FC-TBL (PE) PE1 0.831 0.736 PE2 0.831 PE3 0.871 PE4 0.826 PE5 0.925 Perceived learning from FC-TBL PL1 0.866 0.703 PL2 0.905 PL3 0.735 Table 3.
Subjects covered include the possible effects of living nematodes on potato growth, life without paraquat, an overview of the application of tuber fungicides to seed and PTMV and spraing.