PTOAPost-Traumatic Osteoarthritis
PTOAPersonal Trainer of America (certification)
PTOAPower Trade Operating Agreement
PTOAPublic Television Outreach Alliance
PTOAPortland Triumph Owners Association (Oregon)
PTOAPulse Time of Arrival (data acquisition)
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Our study provided ample evidence suggesting an indirect role of MTDs and HMGB1 in chondrocyte-mediated cartilage degeneration occurred in PTOA. Unlike other proinflammatory mediators tested in this study, including IL-1[beta], TNF-[alpha], and Fn-f, MTDs or HMGB1 could not upregulate cartilage matrix-degrading MMPs or stimulate the expression of iNOS.
Furthermore, both POAE and PTOA were significantly and dose dependently decreased with the same doses of MEO.
Groups (cone.) POAE PTOA Control 39.4 [+ or -] 2.9 38.4 + or -] 3.7 Caf (25 mg/kg) 14.1 [+ or -] 1.6 *** 5.6 [+ or -] 2.4 *** MEO (25 mg/kg) 32.8 [+ or -] 2.9 35.3 [+ or -] 3.4 MEO (50 mg/kg) 27.0 [+ or -] 1.1 ** 25.9 [+ or -] 2.5 * MEO (100 mg/kg) 17.9 [+ or -] 1.7 i3.i [+ or -] 2.1 ***, c, & ***, c, & Values are given as meaniSEM.
Anxiolytic agents increase POAE and PTOA parameters in plus-maze tests whereas anxiogenics decreases both of them (Sampath et al.
While the PTOA is largely focused on adults, Chase's Ready to Learn program indoctrinates children into the wonders of PBS through various literacy-based projects.
The PTOA has been in existence for 12 years, while Ready to Learn is in its fifth.
Last year, Kasdan's PTOA built a community outreach program around a Bill Moyers special on drug addiction, "Moyers on Addiction: Close to Home." Its latest effort is a diversity program called "Many Faces, Many Voices" that is designed to spark community dialogue.