PTPDPower Tower PDU (Power Distribution Unit)
PTPDPut the Pipe Down (i.e., you must be smoking crack)
PTPDPuyallup Tribal Police Department (Tacoma, WA)
PTPDPatton Township Police Department (Patton Township; State College, PA)
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Chen, "Graphene nanoribbon-supported PtPd concave nanocubes for electrochemical detection of TNT with high sensitivity and selectivity," Analytical Chemistry, vol.
So far, different kinds of methods for synthesizing PtPd bimetallic nanoparticles have been reported, such as water-in-oil technique, microwave irradiation [13], electroless deposition technique [14], normal wet impregnation technique, and flame aerosol [15].
"We will ask other political forces including the Democratic and Patriotic Labour Party (PTPD) to join us to develop a national programme that prevails economic solidarity, ensures social justice between regions and social categories and devotes the principle of positive discrimination in favour of disadvantaged regions, "he said.
The following section summarizes the latest research devoted to development of facile synthesis techniques for producing the PtPd nanostructures leading to improved catalytic activity, higher stability, and lower costs.
(TAP) - The Patriotic and Democratic Labour Party (PTPD) called, on Tuesday, for the formation of a solidarity democratic republican front that encompasses "civil and democratic parties."
Based on this method, several kinds of MNPs deposited on CNTs, such as Pt, Pd, and bimetallic PtPd and PtRu, were successfully obtained [35-38].
"It is also an opportunity to attract back several dissidents of the Socialist Party," he added, noting that negotiations are ongoing with the Popular Front (FP), the labor movement and the Patriotic and Democratic Labour Party (PTPD) to join the Socialist front.
It includes Nid Tounes (Tunisia's Call,) the Republican Party (Al-Jomhouri), the Democratic and Social Path (Al-Massar), the Socialist Party (PS) and the Patriotic and Democratic Labour Party (PTPD).
TUNIS(TAP) - Thousands of supporters of Nid Tounes, the Socialist Party (PS) and the Democratic and Patriotic Labour Party (PTPD) marched, on Monday downtown Tunis, to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Tunisian Revolutioncalling for a civic and democratic State.
Parties of the Left and nationalists, including the Patriotic and Democratic Labour Party (PTPD), "Ettaliaa" Movement, "Echaab" movement, the Progressive Unionist People Movement (MPUP) gathered midway ofHabib Bourguiba Avenue, chanted slogans hostile to "regression forces" and cautioned against outside interference.