PTPIPeople To People International
PTPIPerformance through People International
PTPIPiedmont-Triad Paranormal Investigations (North Carolina)
PTPIPre-Tax, Pre-Interest
PTPIPost-Traumatic Pulmonary Insufficiency (cardiology)
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Ratings Affirmed on Parental Linkage: We continue to equalise PTPI's ratings with those of its ultimate shareholder, the sovereign of Indonesia, due to the company's strong operational and strategic linkage based on our Parent and Subsidiary Rating Linkage criteria.
Fertiliser Subsidy Scheme Maintained: The Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that the government will continue its subsidy scheme to disburse fertiliser subsidies through PTPI in 2018.
This new partnership will allow PTPI to continue to work towards its mission set forth by U.S.
"We are excited to carry on our unique, mission-driven programs for our members and continue to expand their world," said Bill Bland, PTPI's interim CEO.
PTPI organizes trips for a wide array of professionals (business, law, healthcare, etc.), and each trip is led by a professional who acts as a liaison with the PTPI.
PTPI provided our 18-person delegation with an efficient way to experience another culture and talk with Russian accounting professionals.
The bond is the second issuance launched from PTPI's IDR10 trillion bond programme, which was assigned a 'AAA(idn)' rating on 9 June 2017, and is rated at the same level as the programme.
Ratings Equalised with Sovereign: We assess PTPI to be a key state-owned entity, as the company is the Indonesian government's sole agent to produce and distribute subsidised fertiliser to eligible farmers through a public-service obligation (PSO) scheme.
Admitindo-se uma perda de 5% de produtividade (Figura 4B), o PAI foi para 10 dias e o PTPI foi para 49 dias determinando assim um periodo critico de prevencao a interferencia de 39 dias.
(2012), que considerando perdas maximas de 5% na produtividade encontrou resultados diferentes, um PAI de 31 dias e o PTPI de 69 dias, ressaltando a importancia desse estudo em varias localidades e epocas diferentes.