PTPRTProtein Tyrosine Phosphatase, Receptor Type, T (gene)
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On the top of gene list ranked by ascending adjusted p value there are EGR1, FOSB, PTPRT, SELE, FOS, ENPP2, TFPI, ZFP36, and others.
Out of the 66 genes, 5 genes, that is, VSIG2, PTPRT, PRTG, IGSF9, and PTPRF (Figure 3), were found to share functional similarity and form the only enriched cluster, with an enrichment sore of 0.96.
Interphase FISH analysis showed monosomy 7 with probes for RELN (7q22 labeled with spectrum orange) and TES (7q31.2 labeled with spectrum green) in 9.5% of the nuclei, and a 20q deletion with probes for PTPRT (20q12q13 labeled with spectrum orange) and MYBL2 (20q13.12 labeled with spectrum green) was seen in 58.5% of the nuclei.