PTPS6-Pyruvoyl-tetrahydropterin synthase
PTPSPersonal Touch Portrait Studios (Lafayette, IN)
PTPSPei Tong Primary School (Singapore)
PTPSPublic Transportation Priority System (Japan)
PTPSPatratu Thermal Power Station (India)
PTPSPartial Thin Plate Spline
PTPSPeople's Test Preparation Services
PTPSProject Task Planning Sheet
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Lymphocytes express around 60 to 70 genes coding for PTPs [10-12] and the significance of the above-mentioned regulatory mechanisms for the immune responses by human CD4 T cells has been barely established.
He said with new monitoring plan of five Pak Afghan and inter provincials Permanent Transit Points (PTP) are being strengthened.Our target is to improve the performance of Permanent Transit Points (PTP) along with Pak Afghan border, he said.
Various studies have made observations about predictive risk factors for PTPS. In a prospective study by Ochroch and colleagues involving 120 patients, it was demonstrated that women reported more pain than men during their hospitalization and for 48 weeks postoperatively [3].
Members of TEI are responsible for managing the tax affairs of their companies and must contend daily with provisions of the tax law impacting business enterprises, including the provisions concerning PTPs and the determination of qualifying income from minerals and natural resources.
PTPs are able to affect cell signaling as a consequence of their very specific biochemical function: they remove phosphate groups from other molecules.
To avoid being taxed as corporations, PTPs must derive 90% or more of gross income from the following sources: Interest, dividends, oil and gas, commodities, real property rents, and gains from sales or dispositions of real property, capital assets, or IRC Sec.
Most initial state PTPs were established under the assumption that any income from the program (usually a trust) would be tax free.